I am a teacher-scholar dedicated to bringing marginalized voices into conversation with canonical texts. My research and my teaching reach across boundaries of national literature, time period, and genre.

I am currently Director of the Writing and Communication Center and an Assistant Professor (ntt) in the Department of Humanities and Languages at the New Economic School in Moscow. NES , a private institution of higher learning in the Russian Federation, offers bachelors, masters, and doctoral study in the fields of economics and finance with English as the main medium of study.

As a precariously employed early-career scholar, I laid the foundations for the body of work featured on this website  while teaching, applying for jobs, and parenting two teenagers. I completed revisions on my book Fairy Tales in Contemporary American Culture: How We Hate to Love Them during the 2020 pandemic while making my own international job transition and supporting my children in their transitions from high school to college. As a mid-career scholar, I continue to study this interaction of narrative and community while living in Yerevan, teaching remotely, and managing a writing center staff spread across six time zones. Academic work in the twenty-first century is complex and requires continual adjustment to evolving challenges. Alongside this academic churn, the constants in my life are knitting, books, and snark.

I can be reached in a variety of ways. Find me on Twitter or e-mail me at kkoppy AT nes.ru

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Research and Teaching Portfolio of Kate Christine Moore Koppy